Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Buggin at Arrowhead Lake

  So I snuck out to Arrowhead Lake again. Just for a little bit on my way home from work. Had almost no luck................ for a while. With all the rain we've had in the past few days the water is really high, and makes a little more tricky to fish. With that being said, I spent some time working the shoreline where I caught most of the fish last time I was out there, however no sign of fish. If there were fish in that area, I'm pretty confident that I would have at least gotten a little action.

  Anywho, so I decided to walk around to the other side of the lake. But, since the water is so high right now, the only way to get around the lake is to have waders or take the bike path (which is really far) all the way around. Since I was determined to catch something while I was out, I decided it would be good exercise and a better chance of getting some action. All in all it turned out to be a good decision. I tied on my popper and first cast.................. SLAM!!!! First Largemouth Bass of the day!! And not the biggest I've ever caught, but the biggest I caught today. Right around the 16" range. Put up quite a fight. All the Largemouth I caught today, with the exception of one, were jumpers. What a blast. Too bad no one was there with me today, So again, self taken pictures of the fish.

Totals for the day: 
8 Largemouth Bass  - 12" to 16"
5 Bluegill  -  about the size of my hand

Here are the pics!! As always, hope you enjoy!!!

All Bluegill were caught on a spider pattern that I tied

 I'm convinced there is a really big fish in this lake somewhere, so I guess I'll just have to keep going back til I catch him!

Till next time!!
Tight Lines,

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Poppin for Bass

   Went out today to Arrowhead Lake. It is just a short drive from home and I have heard there are some bass in there. So I wanted to find out for myself. The weather almost kept me indoors today as we had a lot of severe thunderstorms pass through our area. Fortunately the storms weren't as bad as they could have been.
  We did get a lot of rain, but it stopped around 3 or 4 in the afternoon. So there was still some time to get out and fish, but what were the water conditions?? After the rain finally stopped, the sun came out and it was beautiful weather wise. It was just about 75 degrees out and just a slight breeze at times.Well, the water was very murky and was also very high, but I took the 5wt out today anyway and was happy I did!!  So.................... lets get to the fishing!!!

  I took out the 5wt and tied on a pretty good size green popper. Top water was the ticket today!! I can't lie, I just love top water fishing. There is just something about the way a fly lands on the water and then that explosive action of a fish slamming it!! BAM!! FISH ON!!! It's exciting. Anyway, there were roughly another dozen people out there fishing today. Most of them were already there when I got there, As I walked to my first spot, I casually asked people how they were doin? Every single person said they hadn't even gotten a hit. I never rely on that too much cause I just don't know what the skill level is of the people I'm asking. But I still like to ask just to see whats going on. So I finally got to my spot and spent a couple minutes deciding where the first cast would be. While I'm looking around I spot just slight movement in the water about a foot from shore. Thats where my first cast was, and thats where I got my first Largemouth of the day.

   I walked around and fished several spots. Most fish were caught within 3 to 4 feet from the shore. I ended up catching 7 Largemouth. Most were in the 10 to 12 inch range. With a couple 14ers and one 16. All in all a good day. The whole time I was there I saw only one other person catch any fish. But even he only caught one. I was really suprised cause they were most certainly biting. Oh well, whatcha gonna do. 4 Bass were caught on the green popper and 3 were caught on a size 10 spider.  Here are the pics from the day. Hope you enjoy!!!!!

Till next time.......
Tight Lines,

Monday, May 23, 2011

I meant to post this a while ago

So I was going through some pictures thinking about the last year and what I want to try out and do different this year, and I saw a picture that I meant to post up. I'm gonna post two pictures. One is the actual picture and the other is done in water color & color pencil. It was given to me as a gift and I really love it. I think it is pretty cool!! Check it out!

So how bout that?!?!
Pretty cool gift huh?
Just wanted to Share.  I'll be writing some reports soon,

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Catching Up 2010-2011 Pt 4 Final Installment

Now we're getting very close to being completely caught up. Just a few more stories and a handful of pictures and we are solid!!
  So the Last week of February/first week of March We took off up to Wisconsin to visit my dad again. Thought we'd hang out for about four or five days and then head back home. Did some ice fishing up there, All I got was the skunk, my dad caught a bunch of small perch.  Here go some pics...............

Me getting ready to fish

 Driving out on the lake is a trip.There are whole communities out there, people leave there ice shacks set up on the ice all winter.

 It really is a beautiful part of the country.

My Dad getting ready to fish

 We have a good time out there!!!!
 Even though I didn't really catch any fish it was still an awesome time. I always have fun when I'm fishing, don't get me wrong, I prefer open water and warm weather. But none the less, I love to fish no matter what the weather.

That brings us to April,  Trout Season Opener on the first weekend. Was pretty solid!! Caught my limit the first day and then got a couple more the second day. Although I only kept six total. That was the first time I caught any trout. And let me tell ya,  they are real fighters............................ and delicious!!!
Went to Blackwell Forest Preserve and Cal Sag East Quarry, Caught all fish at Cal Sag.
Trout Fishing at Cal Sag Quarry

Noah wanted to come with

 Brought Noah out fishing for the first time and he loved it!! So,  I went to the local tackle shop a few days later and bought him his very first fishing pole!!!


The very first Rainbow Trout I ever caught getting prepped for filleting.

 Then snuck up on some deer in the woods for a couple photo opps!!!  SAY CHEESE!!!!

 I was easily within fifteen to twenty yards out from these deer, needless to say if I was bow hunting right then and there I would've been taking home some deer.

 Back to fishing.........................................

Sedgewick Lake
Took my mom out to Cenntenial Park out in Orland, did some fishing there at Sedgewick Lake. I only caught one small Striped Bass and didn't take a picture. Still had a good time though.

Noah and Liz came with too, but he wanted to swing on the swings today instead of fishing.

So Now for the Last of the pictures to bring us current.............
I had decided to have a fish fry right around May first and wanted some pan fish. It was gonna have to be enough for three people, I wanted to do it on Mother's Day. So, needless to say,  I had to get to work.
I went out to Papoose Lake  just off 127th and La Grange Rd. Took the Fly Rod out there and with just my spider patterns that I tied,  over the course of three days I caught about 45 fish............... 20 keeper size blue gills, and 2 crappie, I got 6 Largemouth Bass in the 12" to 16" range that were all released and between 15 to 20 Bluegill that were released due to small size.  So 44 fillets for the fish fry and of course you can't have a fish fry without having hush puppies~

  The fish fry turned out great!!! and here are a couple pics of the fish I caught!!!

I have to say,  there's nothing like a Bluegill fish fry!!!! Man they're DEEELICIOUS!!!

In all honesty though, even as good as all that fish was............. and I promise it was fantastic.................I think I'm good on fried food for another six months.

So, now we are all caught up and I'm ready to get this season rollin!

I'll post up another story in a day or so................ Thanks for reading,
Tight Lines

Catching up 2010-2011 Pt3

So these will be the last of the Pictures from 2010................     And some of  the first from 2011............

On our way home from visiting my dad

Liz took some pictures of the drive........

We had a really good trip..........

even though....
the ride takes about ten hours now

So now it's November and I did a little more hiking around and exploring some local places that seem to be pretty much untouched. Every time I have been to Tinley Creek I have only seen people in the parking lot maybe three or four times. And I have never seen anyone hiking the trails or fishing.

Here are more pictures of a hike on Tinley Creek.....

Another sunset

There were parts of the trail that were almost impassable
The storms over the summer had really done a number on the creek.

It is always relaxing to get out and enjoy nature. I am hoping to get out a lot this coming summer. I have a lot of new places I would like to Fish and Hike.

So December finally rolled around and it was time to start tying some flies. Fairly new to fly tying I went out to Cabela's for a free class on tying. they showed me this pattern they said would be good for Ice Fishing. However, I never got a chance to try out the pattern.

My Fly Tying Supplies

The ice fishing pattern

The belly
 Its a pattern that you actually have to weave to get the belly a different color than the back.
The back

These are my spiders

They are a lot of fun to tie, and not very hard. So I would say a good pattern to start tying flies with.

In January 2011 I went down to Navy Pier to check out some Dog Sledding .........

They were a good bunch of pups!!! The people were very nice too. Talked quite a while about dog sledding with the mushers. It has always been a dream/goal of mine to dog sled someday. So it was a lot of fun for me.

February of 2011 we had the biggest snowfall in Chicago in over twenty years. Perfect  opportunity for some pictures and some snow shoeing!!!!!

                                                                   Snowpocalypse 2011!!!!

 It literally took over three hours to shovel us out. I don't remember ever getting that much snow in one night before. It was pretty crazy and pretty awesome at the same time.

          And then it was time to break out my snowshoes. I went Snowshoeing. a few days later. It was a lot of fun. I hiked out on the Palos Mountain Biking trails. Even hiked across Maple Lake. It was pretty cool. 
 Kinda hard to take pictures of yourself with out a tripod of some sort.
 But I think they turned out alright.

It left me wanting more fresh snow to go play in.

Later in February, I went with my sister Laurie, to Starved Rock State Park for some good hiking action. And maybe some pictures of the frozen waterfalls.

It always fun going hiking with Laurie. We have been hiking together for a long, LONG time. It is really relaxing to just be outside even if it's really cold.

 It's always nice to have good company on a long day hike....

 So there wasn't much in the way of frozen waterfalls, but it was still a really good trip. I think we were both really glad that we made the choice to bring the Yax Trax with too.