Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sunrises and Night Fishing!

Haven't been getting out a whole lot lately. Been out a few times though. Took out the fly gear and the spin gear the last couple times. The fly gear always, and I mean always will produce results in the local lakes for panfish. However, all the bigger fish I've caught this year have been on the spinning gear. Been going to the local FP pond whenever I can and usually will catch at least one big one.
  Top water seems to have slowed down for me with the spinning gear. Everything I have caught the last few times out have been on Senko's.  Here are some pictures of the last few times out.

What a great sunrise this was.................

I forgot I had my headlamp on.......

So, in the little time I have been able to spend outside these last few weeks, I've done pretty well.
Most of these fish were caught on Strike King  Shim E stick,  watermelon Black/Red. Also, all these fish were caught just before dark and just after,

Till next time
Tight Lines,
Woolly Buggin'