Friday, July 29, 2011

Gear Time part 1

I have been wanting to post a list of gear that I have been using and how I use them for a while now. Finally getting around to it. This is just going to be a list of my spin fishing gear, the fly fishing gear will be in the next gear post. So let's get started.
I have several spin fishing rods that I have accumulated over the years of fishing. Even with all those rods, I have my go to rods that I've been using for my Bass adventures lately.

Fishing Poles / Rods 

   Brand                              Model                                Length               Action                   Pieces              Abu Garcia                       Super 7                               7.0 ft             Med Heavy                  1
   Abu Garcia      Harold Ensley Signature Series         6.0 ft                  Med                         2


Brand                                 Model                              Line                              Test
      Shimano                          FX2000FA         Shakespeare Xtra Tough            6lb
   Guangwei                          GSO25                        Power Pro                         10lb


Brand                          Style                             Type                         Color                                  
Strike King            Soft Plastic                     Worm                Watermelon red/ green/ pumpkin
Spro                            Frog                        Bronzeye 65          Leopard/ Midnight Walker
Snagproof                  Frog                                                          Green / White


Brand                         Type                          Size
 Eagle  Claw        Wide Gap Worm         2/0-3/0

So that is a list of my go to spin fishing gear as of lately. It's been producing a lot of results.
I've been rigging the worms weightless and weedless. I toss it out and let it sink to the bottom. Then I give a couple of quick jerks and let it sink back to the bottom and repeat and so on. This really produces a lot of fish for me. However, they seem to be a little smaller than the ones I get on the frogs lately.
The Spro frog I use a couple of different techniques. I cast it out and on the retrieve I either "walk the dog" or work it almost like a popper. A couple good tugs and let it sit for a few seconds, give it a twitch and a couple more tugs. The Spro seems to bring out the biggest fish for me. The Snagproof frogs I only work as I would poppers. 
I also carry an ever changing and random assortment of swim baits.

Random gear list
I always have my head lamp on me when I'm fishing just in case. I have the Petzl Tikka Plus. It's been with me for several years now. They really take a lickin'. I've never had a problem with it other than being to forgetful to change the batteries regularly.

I always have a pair of needle nose pliers with. Ya never know when you'll need them to unstick that hook.

I  have a scale with me as of lately.

Polarized sunglasses are a must!! Spend some money on some good glasses. They say it makes a difference. So when you go out and buy some, let me know if it does lol  I always buy the $5 sunglasses from walmart.

I always have my weather radio on me. A poncho, small first aid kit, good hiking shoes, fishing hat and SEVERAL POCKET KNIVES. I don't know why, or when that started.

Here are some pictures,


These have been working the best for me


Random swim baits for today

Got this guy today
using this guy

Alright that's if for this post. Till next time
Tight Lines,
 Woolly Buggin

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I hit the magical mystery pond again today. Got there around 7pm, it was roughly 85 degrees out and we had a front coming through later on at night. Thought it might be good fishing today( like I always do lol)............. and I was right. I got there and someone was already fishing in the spot I like to start at. So we talked a bit and then I went down the way a bit. I got about ten casts in and I hear him yell my name. I run over and he has on what turned out to be a 13in crappie! Pretty solid!! He was using a wacky rigged worm. I took a couple pictures on his phone for him and then we fished together for about five minutes and he left. I still hadn't caught anything. I started tossing out a Spro Frog and within an hour and a half I landed 5 largemouth. One was landed on a plastic worm and the rest were on the frog. I love top water action. Anyway the one on the worm was 13". I got 2- 17" and realized that I left my camera in the car when I caught the first one but was too lazy to go get it. I caught an 18" and decided if I catch anymore I need pictures cause no one's gonna believe this. So I went all the way back and got the camera. (Think its time to upgrade and get a camera phone) I got back and there wasn't much light left at this point, but 4 casts later I landed the last fish of the night. The best part is, it was 20" , just 5 lbs. And I got pics  :-D   Always a good way to finish out a day!!!

The SPRO Frog really seems to bring out the bigger fish

20"    5lbs

Till next time,
Tight Lines,
Woolly Buggin

Thursday, July 21, 2011

July Fishing

So, I have been out fishing quite a bit lately. I haven't  had a whole lot of time to write. So today I decided to take the day off from fishing and catch up with whats been going on.I have been pretty faithful to fly fishing since I first started in the spring of 2010. I've seriously only taken out the spinning gear a hand full of times since then, with the exclusion of ice fishing. Well, I have kept running into to an old friend of mine the most random places and we have been talking about fishing for a little over a year now. Well a couple  weeks ago we finally got around to it and we have been fishing together almost everyday since. The first time we went out I took out the fly rod and he brought his spinning gear. I have to say, I was re-enthused about the spinning gear. So since that day I've been leaving the fly rods in the car and trying out some new techniques with the spin gear. For instance, I've been using an assortment of top water frogs. I never fished with them before now. I have to say it's a lot of fun and frustrating at the same time. I miss more than I catch this way. But when I actually land them, It's been worth the frustration. Seems like these frogs really bring out the bigger fish. I have caught several fish in the past couple weeks, but since I've got back to spin fishing the fish have gotten a lot bigger. Ok, enough rambling. Here are some pics

Just so you know, the bass to the left and the bluegill below were both caught on a size 6 popper I tied. So, it isn't a small bluegill, just a big fly. Greedy little fish

I caught a birthday cake fish too since I last wrote

I also did a little bit of skateboarding

Just thought this was cool. There was a natural rainbow effect in the cloud

And this is the fatty of this season so far.
This fish put up and awesome fight.

I guess that is it for now. I'd like to talk about the gear I'm using soon. So, maybe that'll be in one of my next posts.
Till next time, Tight Lines,
Woolly Buggin