Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Family Hike

A few days ago, I took Noah and the Wifey to the Forest Preserve for a quick hike. We had picked up a baby carrier backpack about two weeks ago and had been wanting to get out and try it. I was really hoping that the little guy would like it. I bought the carrier from a guy at the flea market a couple weeks ago. He bought it at the flea market that day and walked around with his daughter in it for about a half hour. She wouldn't stay in the carrier any longer than that. I offered to buy it from him. We agreed on a fair price and the carrier was ours!!

  So we went out to Rubio Woods in hopes of a nice short hike. We get there and the it was nice and overcast. Thought it would be perfect. I took out the carrier, put Noah in it and we all hit the trail. However, in my excitement I forgot to put insect repellent in the Jeep. Only got to hike for about five minutes on the trail and decided to head back to the Jeep. Mosquito's were pretty thick and very hungry. If it was just me I wouldn't really care, but since the wife and the baby were with it wasn't cool. Anywho, took a couple pictures and here they are.........

 They are all pretty much pictures of Noah,
Getting loaded into the carrier and getting carried with the exception of the one family shot.

If you can't tell, I'm a very proud pappa

The only family shot we got that day that Noah would look in the direction of the camera
On the trail for just a few minutes

Well I hope you enjoyed this,
Because I sure did even though we were only out for a little while.
Till next time,
Tight Lines-Woolly Buggin'

Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Trip To Camp Kellogg in Woodland, MI

    Time for another installment of Woolly Buggin'. I've been meaning to post this up, but I've been super busy. This trip was actually last weekend. We left for Michigan on Friday the 17th and came back home on that Sunday. I didn't get as many pictures taken as I had originally planned, but I think I have enough to make a decent post. So, this was the first Camping/Fishing outing for my whole little family. That's right, It was the Wife, the little guy, my sister and me. We got off to a little bit of a late start due to my adventurous idea that I could load up my sisters truck with everyone's gear with no problem. The problem was that my sis offered to transport a mini fridge to Michigan on the way up. So it was a tough time packing. However about an hour and a half later two tie downs strapping a cooler to the roof and a seriously full back end of a Trail Blazer and we were off!! Ended up getting to the destination well before dark. I got the tent set up in a few minutes and it was time to let the weekend of relaxing begin.
   Anna and Kim host several camping functions on their land every year. There are 187 acres of beautiful country they own in Woodland, MI and they are gracious enough to share it with all who would come. A truly great couple of people I feel very blessed to have the chance to know. They really couldn't be more welcoming. I could go on  and on about them, but I would like to keep this story rolling. There are three lakes on the land at Camp Kellogg and there are plenty of fish. They have a variety of boats for all to use whether  it's a pedal powered pontoon just to go out for a nice ride on the lake at sunset, or the large pontoon with a quiet trolling motor for fishing - to Kayaks and john boats they have it all and don't mind sharing. There are a lot of fish in the lakes on their land. I lost count of the Largemouth Bass and Bluegill I caught just because there were so many. I used some new poppers I tied on the ride out there, and they were awesome!! Very pleased with them. So much, that I think I am going to start selling them on eBay.
  I went out the first night just from shore and didn't get any action. But got up early Saturday morning and took out the pontoon with the trolling motor and it was game on!  Got several Bass in the 12" to 15" range, and one 17 incher. I even had some crazy bluegills attacking my size 6 popper. That was pretty funny. I don't know what they were thinking. Anywho, all in all it was a great trip. Noah loved sleeping in the tent, being on the boat, playing in the grass, sitting around the campfire and just all around being outside. On the other hand I probably should have been a little better prepared/equipped with gear to make the trip a little easier on Liz. I don't think she had as much fun as Noah and me because of that. But I know for next time what I should bring.
   Well it's that time again for pictures. I hope you enjoy them!! Wish we had taken more. Oh well, here they are..................

Noah and Me shortly after arriving at Camp Kellogg

The Family on the pedal pontoon

First catch of the trip

Noah taking a dip in the lake with Me

There were a ton of fish just waiting for me

And I was happy to catch em!!!
The Bass were really going bonkers for my poppers

Literally just gobbling them up!!

Part of the camp grounds were being used by other people in campers

Just a nice shot of Lake number 1

The wife took some pictures of me fishing

I did pretty good in the Lilly pads

Noah wanted to watch me fish too

Campfire on night #2
                           As always, all fish were released to be caught another day when they are bigger!!
Last fish of the trip

 So, on the way home we decided to take some pictures. Just happened to see a really cool 50's RV on the road and had to snap a few shots......

I thought it was really cool

The Fam on the car ride home

Also stopped in Pullman, Michigan at the Dutch Farm Market.

 Normally when we stop in Pullman it's later in the season and we get THE BEST peaches ever!! I seriously think they might grow the best peaches on earth............  I'm just sayin.............
But with that being said, we come to the last pictures of this adventure.  We stopped at an A&W/KFC in Chesterton, Indiana for a bite to eat cause the little guy was hungry.  And we had a little fry eating contest...............  

Noah & Me about t have a fry eating contest
 Of course Noah wins!!!
 Well, I hope you have enjoyed!! Thanks for reading!!
Until next time.......... Tight Lines,
Woolly Buggin'

Monday, June 20, 2011

Back to Arrowhead Lake

Last week I went out to Arrowhead Lake again just for a few minutes right before dark. I had a really busy week and weekend so I didn't have time to post it up till today. I'll be posting  the weekend adventure tomorrow. Anywho, back to Arrowhead. Every time I'm there, the parking lot clears out pretty fast when the first signs of sunset start. Well, I've noticed as I was packing up that no one ever comes to close down the forest preserve before it's actually dark. So I decided to try out the fishing right up until I couldn't see anymore. I showed up about twenty minutes before dark and sure enough, the parking lot was still open. I took the 8wt fly rod out and tied on a size 6 popper pattern that I have been working on. (I'll post some fly tying stuff a a later date.) Anyway, I got a lot of hits, but only one hook up. Then I decided to go smaller. I took out the 5wt and tied on a smaller fly. A size 10 spider and BAM!! Fish on!!! Color didn't seem to matter at that point. I think it was more just movement from a small insect of any kind on the water. So it stayed very active right up until dark. Then I packed it up in a hurry and headed out. But all in all a really good way to spend a half hour. I caught nine fish in the time I was there. If you take in to account the time it took me to set up and switch flies, it was not much time actually fishing. So a productive night. It was a lot of fun!! Here's the pics, hope you enjoy!!

As always, till next time,
Tight Lines,
Woolly Bugger

Friday, June 10, 2011

Lake Front Woolly Buggin @ Lake Michigan

  So for the past few days it's been ridiculously hot outside. Temps in the upper 90's with a heat index of over 100 degrees during the day, and at night the lows have still been in the 80's. So it's not weather for everyone, but I love the heat!!! So, After work on Wednesday, I decided to hit the lake front. I've heard that the Smallies are starting to show up here and there as well as the Perch. However, I got up to Diversey Harbor and there was no place to park. I ended up parking further north by Belmont. So I unloaded the car and took out the 8wt. Geared up for getting down!!! 
  I walked out to Belmont harbor and just kinda scouted the area for a while. I was looking for any signs of life for a while as I walked. I must have seen a couple hundred carp in the 10 to 12 pound range just kinda hanging out. I saw one Smallie and a couple Largemouth just hanging around too. The Bass weren't interested in anything I had to offer. I tossed several different poppers, a couple spiders and other terrestrials. However, no dice. Sad day. So after about 45 minutes of completely failing to get any Bass, even with having the visual on them I decided to move on. Tossed a few nymphs at the carp and I could almost hear them all chuckling at me,
  I decided to pack it up and call it a day, as I had to go to my night job. On the walk back to the Jeep I pulled my infamous one last cast as I neared the other end of the harbor. I had tied on a size 8 woolly bugger in olive. As soon as I tossed it in, I had a good feeling because as it sank, I could see a fish rise to it. I never felt it , but as I saw the fish near, it made a sudden jerking motion and BAM.......... I set the hook!!! I ended up just jiggin my woolly bugger and catching all the fish that way. As you probably guessed by now if you read my posts regularly, I generally don't carry a scale on me, but I usually will have a measuring tape. Well, This time I got nothing!
  I ended up catching a dozen fish and going in to work a little late!!

  Fish totals for the day:
      11 Rock Bass
      1  Sunfish
All were caught on the woolly bugger. And all were released after a quick snapshot.
Here are just a couple pictures from the day.  Hope you enjoy!!!!
This one looks like something took a swipe at it

This one was about the average size.

They were all around six to eight inches. Well, that's it for now,

Till next time,
Tight Lines,
Woolly Bugger