Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A short trip to Opa's house............

   So the family and me decided to take a last minute trip up to visit my dad before winter sets in. We hadn't been up since last Feb. We were thinking it would be nice to get up there before the first snow. So, we loaded up the van and hit the road. It's always nice to visit, and of course my dad and me went and hit a couple of rivers and checked out some new spots. It was only a five day trip and two of those are spent driving. It never seems like enough time, but we make the most of it. And now for the pics,..........

Noah and star just before he gave her a big kiss
My dad has a couple pets, and Noah loves them both. The really cute thing is that the animals seem to love him just as much as he loves the animals.
Noah chasing the cat all over the house
This is a stretch of water that we stopped to check out.......

This stretch of water is only about five minutes from his house.

Although not very big, this is my first northern. He was caught on a Rapala X rap in perch color

The Northern pictured above was the only fish I caught the entire trip. We rode out to Menomonie, WI to fish and saw a lot of action, but it's the only fish I landed.

All the rest of these pictures were taken in Hudson, WI. We were fishing right on the St. Croix river. Nothing was landed this day, but a couple days after I got home my dad was out there again and saw some one catch a 44 inch musky.
The St. Croix River

It's a very beautiful place.

This is what I can only describe as a house right out of Miami Vice, just sitting in the middle of rural WI.
A family pic just before the ride back home

Okay, thats it again for now. Till next time,
Tight Lines,

Woolly Buggin

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