Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Salmon run fall 2011

  I had mentioned in a post or two ago that I was gonna give Salmon fishing a shot on Chicago's Lakefront. Well, I have been up there several times and used several different spoons, crank baits, flies and even floated spawn sacks around under a float. I hooked into four fish total in the maybe seven or eight times I went up there. I have to say that the most effective spoon that I used was the Moonshine 3/4 oz in perch color. I used several different spoons but the Moonshine stands out. It holds a glow charge a lot longer than the little cleo spoons. It's shaped a little different too and it gives it a nice wobble. But I have to say even though that was the most effective spoon, my most effective bait overall was a Reef Runner. I used what is called a little ripper in an almost copper, perch color. I hooked into a steelhead and two king salmon on the reef runner. I hooked into a king on the Moonshine as well. Unfortunately all fish were lost with exception to one King Salmon. Here are the pics

 It took me approximately twenty five minutes to land this fish!!! He made several runs, one which was about sixty to seventy yards.

Fortunately I learned from my mistakes of the first couple times out and upped my line to 17lb test mono.

It probably would have been and easier land if I had some one there to net him, however I was by myself again.

  I am very proud of this fish. It is the biggest fish I have ever caught to date. He measured in at 33 inches.
I fished at several harbors. I started at Jackson, then to Burnham and all the way up to Montrose. In the end I had all my action at Burnham.

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