Sunday, November 6, 2011

It's seems like summer just goes by too fast

So, I was thinking about it and I haven't been posting on here in quite some time now. With the end of summer here now, I was going through my pictures and thought today would be a good time to get those pictures posted. These pictures are all from August. Fishing, family hikes and just having fun!!

 Let's start this off with my redneck fishing picture!!
I caught this guy on a 5'" Shim-E Stick by Strike King, in Watermelon/red flake.
Noah, Liz and Me took a hike out to my secret pond and of course I had to drop a line in the water,

 And it was kinda cool. I usually fish by myself and there is never anyone around to take pictures but me. But this time Liz was with and she decided to walk around and take some pictures of the things around us.

Also caught on a Shim-E stick.

Decided to take the little guy out for a quick hike and a little fishing. Liz was with again taking pictures.

My favorite little dude on my back....

Grabbed this guy at the secret pond at the end of the month............ 

Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of good weather left for the non frozen fishing season for me. So I'll be posting up the rest of the pictures in a couple more posts from sept and oct,
but until I do,
Tight Lines!!!!
Woolly Buggin

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